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Manufacturer of PuppyPan

  • Designed just for dogs
  • Choose by the size of puppy’s breed
  • Great alternative for working families or apartment living
  • Avoid accidents: Puppy always has a place to go when you can’t take her out

Comfortable for your dog. Convenient for you!

What is Puppy Pan?

Puppy Pan is an innovative, new dog litter system especially designed to meet the needs of dog owners who require convenience and flexibility in managing their pets’ elimination needs. It consists of a uniquely designed pan, tested to easily accommodate dogs of a range of sizes and a specially formulated litter that is extremely absorbent as well as comfortable to the dog’s paws. Peck Rock Associates, a family-owned business providing custom designed and manufactures plastic items since 1969, is the manufacturer of this extraordinary puppy training system.

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  • Cats with Arthritis
  • Perfect height for a Senior Cat
  • Cats that are going outside the litter box
  • Cats that need more space
  • Kittens
  • Multiple Cats that need a larger box

Recommended for Kitties who can’t cope with a traditional litter box

What is Kitty Go Here?

Recommended for Kitties who can’t cope with a traditional litter box. The opening of this litter box is only 3″ from the floor making it easier for senior cats to use. The large size helps cats that need more room to get comfortable using a litter box.

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